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Get your self confidence back with dental implants

Tooth loss can occur due to old age, accidents, gum disease and decay. When this happens the missing teeth need to be replaced for functional as well as aesthetic reasons.

Traditionally, bridges or dentures have been used to replace missing teeth, but today dental implants are becoming a more popular alternative as they are both secure and aesthetically pleasing.

Not only do dental implants look and act like natural teeth they are a long term solution, they prevent the loss of bone tissue and preserve the health of the surrounding teeth.

“Not only do dental implants look and act like natural teeth, they prevent the loss of bone tissue and preserve the health of the surrounding teeth.” Continue reading.

Dental implant treatment

Professional teeth whitening

Firstly, we go through a consent form to check that you are a suitable candidate for the teeth whitening treatment.  We will then agree on your current tooth colour using a professional shade guide – we can then check this against the results to see how many shades lighter your teeth have become. Your mouth is then carefully prepared for the teeth whitening procedure and each step is fully explained as we go along. Click here for benefits.

Depending on which product you decide to go for, we either carry out 2 x 20 minute treatments or 3 x 10 minute treatments. Find out more.

After treatment, we will discuss the ‘White Diet’ which should be followed for 24 hours following treatment and details will be given to you to take home to show you what you should not eat for the 24 hour period to ensure you gain the best results from the treatment.  Following this, you and your clean, bright ‘Ocean’ smile are good to go!

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Veneers are one of the most trusted dental treatments

Unlike crowns, porcelain veneers cover only the front part of the tooth, after having only minimal work done on the tooth itself. We ensure that this wafer thin porcelain, crafted by very experienced technicians, is used to rectify many defects, including the masking of discoloured teeth, realigning crowded and protruding teeth and closing gaps.

Porcelain veneers have many benefits. Click here.

Porcelain veneers are very strong, lasting up to 15 years, are natural in looks and are easy to look after with no special care required. It is very difficult to distinguish between a veneer and your tooth, many people will not realise you have veneers, unless you tell them.

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Dental Veneers