About us

Our website is aimed at consumers in the UK who wish to access healthcare products and services remotely. This could be anything from a doctor’s consultation to buying vitamins and health products online. We aim to bring you news of the latest websites and products that are available in the United Kingdom that can be accessed or bought on line.

Healthcare is in a constant state of flux and development.

 New products and services are being developed and introduced all the time, many of which revolutionise the way certain conditions are evaluated or treated, and while there have been massive advancements in the last century in the diagnoses and treatment of health conditions, one of the biggest changes in healthcare, in the United Kingdom is the way in which we access those diagnoses and treatments.

The World Wide Web was only introduced to the world in 1991. It seems strange to think that something, which many of us now take for granted, has only been around for such a reactively short amount of time.

The World Wide Web, or the Internet, as most of us now call it has, however, revolutionised the way in which many patients are diagnosed and treated. Until very recently, and it is only really in the last ten years that things have changed, if you were suffering with a health condition then the only way to get diagnosed or treated was to see your doctor face to face.

Now, however, thanks to the Internet, it is possible, in the United Kingdom, to switch on your computer or your smartphone, to go online and to have access to the same kind of health care that you could get at your local doctor’s surgery.

This, of course, is great in a number of ways. It means that you don’t have to wait to see a doctor, which can be an issue in our increasingly busy lives and as the wait to see a GP increases in many areas of the country. It also gives a level of convenience, which has never existed before.

If you need medication for, for example, oral contraception, antibiotics for a dental infection or for treatment for eczema, there now exist websites where you can have an online consultation with a doctor and be sent out medication without even leaving the comfort of your armchair.

Of course there are many conditions, which require a face-to-face consultation with a doctor. There are, however, many conditions that don’t.

At The Healthy Lifestyle , we aim to bring you all the latest products and services that available online so that you have access to them at the click of a button, making good health even more convenient for you than ever before.