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Pilates was devised by Joseph Pilates who was born in 1880 near Dusseldorf in Germany. He was a frail child and tried various methods of exercise including yoga, martial arts, weight training and ballet to build his body: he became obsessed about improving his image.

Whilst in confinement in England during World War 1, he devised a programme for his fellow inmates, who he believed survived an influenza virus because of their fitness.

He returned to Germany after the war and this is where he first came in touch with the world of dance. He became a very successful trainer with the Hamburg police and subsequently decided to leave for America, meeting his future wife Clara on the boat. They opened their first fitness studio in New York. The studio attracted many ballet dancers as well as actors and actresses because his techniques complimented their traditional exercises.

Pilates is an intelligent and versatile exercise system. Even people with joint or back problems can exercise safely and may find that their problems diminish through regular practice. Pilates is also a great stress buster using breathing and mental imaging techniques to ward off the unpleasant effects of too much tension or stress. Through a combination of relaxation, stretching and strengthening of the core muscles close to the skeleton many people discover that their posture improves and with it their general well-being

Performing pilates

Classes at BCCM are run in conjunction with bodylinepilates. With a studio based in Wimbledon the organisation offers a wide range of Pilates, including personal tuition, apparatus work and mat classes.

All our teachers have undergone a fulltime apprenticeship training lasting at least one year. They are experienced in working with a wide range of body types and are skilled in modifying the Pilates exercises to suit your body’s needs. more about the bodyline pilates teachers

At BCCM we offer 3 Mat Classes. Classes are held in the Coach House, within the Centre, a light and airy space away from any noise or distraction.

All classes are one hour long and cost £8.50 per session, though classes are sold in blocks of 6 to ensure a reserved place as numbers are limited to a maximum of 10 per session.

If you have particular remedial needs for undertaking Pilates or have been referred to Pilates by a doctor or back care specialist then you may prefer to work with one of our teachers initially on a one to one basis. After a full postural assessment, you will be given an exercise regime specific to your needs and guidance on how to integrate Pilates principles into your daily life.