Common Myths about Alcohol and Drug Detox

Busting the myths: Alcohol and Drug Detox

There is a lot of taboo and preconceptions surrounding alcohol or drug detox. We often see a horrifying depiction in films and books, but what is the truth?

Here, we bust the most common myths about substance detox:

1. You can detox on your own easily

Attempting detox at home can be very dangerous.

Not only are you around the substances that you are using, so the temptations are high, but the side effects of detox can be serious. More.

Detoxing properly requires medical help and monitoring, so that you are in a safe environment, which is also temptation-free for when you experience cravings and withdrawal.

2.Detoxing rids you of withdrawal symptoms

Many believe that detoxing allows you to avoid withdrawal symptoms. This is not true.

Though the worst of your withdrawal symptoms cease during detox, you will still experience longer-term cravings and withdrawal.

This is why it is important to detox at a recommended and leading residential rehab clinic. See more. 

3. Detox doesn’t work, I’ve tried it before

If you have attempted to come off the substance you are abusing on your own, or at home, and have relapsed, then you may be thinking that you’ve tried it and it hasn’t worked.

This is not true. Detoxing at home is dangerous and often unsuccessful.

Detoxing properly will mean that you are attending a residential rehab facility where you will be cared for.

Detoxing is effective and is the best way of recovering from your addiction.

4. You can detox and recover with your own willpower

This myth largely comes from those around the addict. They believe that someone with an addiction has become dependent by choice, and continue to use by choice too.

This is a myth. Addiction is a disease, and they cannot help it.

They need to find help as soon as possible, by attending a residential rehab facility.

5. Once I have detoxed, I can go back to normal

Many people seeking rehab treatment will ask about the price or process of detox only.

Detoxing on its own is possible as an option, but is not at all recommended.

Detox programmes precede longer residential treatment which usually lasts around 28 days.

For more information on why detox should be integrated with residential treatment, click here.